About Us



Niche Fragrance Mall is known for its unique, luxury and long lasting Eau de Parfums made from the finest oils and resins from around the world. We work with the finest manufactures in the perfume world and stock a wide range of niche perfume brands including Marien Perfumes, which is distinct for its fragrance projection and longevity, up to 48hrs and are prepared to an indulgent 25-30% concentration. Our range of perfumes are made with fragrance notes that make you feel powerful, confident and sexy, a presence that needs no introduction, is lasting and unforgettable. Our fragrance scents include floral, fresh, oriental and woody and are made with exotic spices including saffron, lavender bergamot, Geranium and Patchouli. Our fragrance notes also give a certain depth to the scents that is quite popular with the more adventurous.

Largely preferred by men, our woody and spicy perfumes often have muskier top notes, and are made from sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss. These warm and musky notes provide an air of sophistication and mystery to all who wear them, as the refreshing scents revive the senses.

Our products range include Men, Women and Unisex perfumes. Most of our perfumes are 100ml and all Eau de Parfum. We also stock fragrance body sprays and body perfumes from FOGG Collections.


Fragrance mall is an online perfume shop established to serve the growing need for niche and private blend perfumes that makes the wearer stand out with a feeling of confidence and a presence that needs no introduction. Est in 2016, we supply and distribute niche luxury and private blend  perfumes from around the world. We are distributors of Marien Luxury Perfumes, Capriole and L'Intense De Blue inspired perfumes, amongst other niche brands. Our manufactures focus on creating good quality perfumes made to high intensity (25-30% concentration) and also at competitive prices. All our fragrances are Eau de Parfum and fragrance intensity is signature to our scents and success.

Oriental and niche perfumes enjoy an esteemed reputation around the world and with strong interest from the UK and EU markets our mission is simply to make these luxury perfumes easily accessible.