About Niche & Oriental Perfumes

Niche perfumes are created by independent perfume manufacturers, who produce perfumes on a small scale, have a limited collection of perfumes, inspiration and unique fragrance notes that sets them apart. Our manufactures are passionate about creating great perfumes, with a focus of pleasing individuals with their private blends of distinctive notes. 

Niche perfumery is an alternative to mass perfume production. Niche is limited by the clientele and therefore with a limited sale range, thus the goal of niche houses is not to sell as much as possible.

Private blend perfumes are for those who are tired of mass produced perfumes, who wish to have an uncommon and, if possible, personal fragrance. 


Oriental perfumes, with amber as the principal note, define a particular set of fragrances identified by their sensual warmth. Such rich perfume formulations incorporate invigorating and intense elements such as musk, vanilla, uncommon resins and woods, frequently complemented by fascinating flowers and spices. The spices, woods and vanilla balance in harmony to build powerful and classy perfumes where warmth meets sensuality.

The oriental fragrances gain its name from the East. The Eastern world's western fantasy delights and admires oriental perfumes. Experts claim that oriental perfumes can bring out the sensual and mysterious side in you. .